Beautease blackhead removal kit review

Who doesn’t suffer from blackheads or spots of some kind?! This is the kit you want hidden away in a drawer for those occasions when your skin care routine lets you down and up pops an evil blackhead!
The case is attractive and discrete, it can live happily at the bottom of your sock drawer and hardly take up any space! The tools are good quality and well designed for all types of spots. At only £24.99 for the whole set it is excellent value for money and at time of reviewing it is only £7.99…what a price!

The set is available to purchase from here: beautease set

There is clear instructions inside the pack;

telling you which tool to use for what and the process needed to get the best results, basic idea is; apply alcohol wipe before and after use, steam your face using a bowl of hot water and a towel, select correct tool, apply pressure (but not so much it hurts) and push in a downwards direction. Easy and quick!

Item was received at a discounted price, but all opinions and words are my own.

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