Primark haul

We went to Brighton today and had a bit of rush shopping at primark. My eyes were amaze by the prices, I can’t believe my luck though I have only about 30 minutes to shop so it has to be quick. I thought I need some basic light weight long sleeves top and a bit of jumper. Prices were definitely affordable and pick some stuff and they were not even a reduce price to begin with but I feel like I’m getting a sale bargain. I got 6 items in total for just £19 for all. 

This 2 jumper were £4.50 each and I choose a vibrant colour and style on each.
This are slouchy style top which is just £2.50 each so bought 3 in different colours.
And leggings which is just £2.50 as well

Fit a few of them and that’s how they look like 🙂 

And their bags were free of charge


Over all price is definitely cheaper than other shop 

Quality seems okey but not sure after washing so will update on that on how long the quality will last. 
So what do you say guys? Is it a yay or nay? 

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