GRACE KARIN®50s Vintage Polka for wiggle Full circle skirt size small review

Good quality of vintage style skirt and true to size. Loved the pattern, so pretty.

Price at time of review £11.69 seems reasonable 

Fitting is true to size 

Quality is good but fabric gets wrinkled very easily and dry clean only


You can buy it here

This came on a clear plastic packaging with their brand printed on it and their websites. Upon taking out the skirt, it’s appeared wrinkled which is completely understandable as been folded. It appeared to be made in a good quality of material and was impress with the fitting. It’s perfectly fit which is very true to size and the pattern was lovely. It’s flattering to wear and just perfect for that vintage style looks. The hemline has been well stitched and it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s well designed and styled so happy with it. For me I would definitely recommend it as it’s a good value of money.

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