Everything5Pounds Review

I received a special offer through for a free item from everything5pounds; I needed a dress for a Christmas party and some new work trousers so decided this was a good opportunity to try some of their clothes and have a look at the quality. 
I chose a crochet midi dress in the pink. It arrived very quickly and well packaged. It is very nice quality, although the size is certainly a small 10, very clingy. 

I have 2 parties which I need dresses for, one is a work Xmas do and the other is a very posh event in the City of London. This dress is nice but would never do for such a posh party, the inner dress is just above knee length and the top layer is split twice at the front. 

It also has a slit in the under dress either side of the waist, very sexy:

The back is also beautiful:

I think it will do very well for the office party. 

I also purchased some work trousers, they are well made and very comfortable. 

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