Wildlife Camera, CCbetter Trail Camera 12 MP 1080P HD 120 degree Wide Angle IP54 Infrared Night Vision 42 IR LEDS(1 Year Manufacturer Warranty) (Misc.) review 

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This arrived on its own box which looks presentable and would make a good present. The package content are 1 camera, 1 wall mount, 1 USB cable, 1 AV cable, 1 nylon strap and the user manual. However you need a separate 8 x 2 AA batteries and SD card as not included which the only tiny let down as would be perfect if this comes in a complete set and just ready to use. This would be perfect if you can charge it like a normal camera as the batteries seems not a practical idea. It will probably get run out easily thought it said that it can standby up to 3/6 months.
At first, I thought this would be difficult to use as it’s my first time to try this kind of camera. But once I had read the instruction and user manual is all clear and easy to follow. Navigating the menus are simple as it’s self explanatory with all the buttons / arrows option.
The design of this camera in a camouflage pattern are perfect for its use and would make a fantastic present for wildlife adventurer or for kids to use when exploring natures. Sometimes we go for a trekking and this is the best accessories to bring for the kids. It comes with a strap that can be use to mounted or attached this onto the trees or the option of using the bracket provided in the pack.
This was easy to use, just put the batteries and turn on the camera and start exploring the options button. This can take a video or photos. The fun bit is that the camera will take photos when detect a movement. It has options for day or nigh time photos which are both produce good quality and clear images. The video quality is as good as the picture quality, not the best compare to other cameras but does the job as described and it’s more fun to use than the normal one.
Im sure my kids would love this and I’m saving this to give to them as a Christmas present. This would be perfect for our next summer holiday or just for trekking or a security camera indoors. But most of all it’s gives you that excitement and fun. I’m pleased with the over all quality, function and use of this camera, Apart from the batteries and SD card not included otherwise I can’t fault this product and I think it’s a fantastic accessories to have for those wildlife adventurer.

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