Projection Clock – Projection Alarm Clock With Weather Station – UK Mains Adapter Included – By ThinkGizmos (Kitchen & Home) review 

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I bought this for my daughter. This came on its own box so it’s presentable. You’ve got 2 option in using this. You can either use this with battery power or with the adaptor provided. I like the idea of the adaptor because this clock will act like a lampshade as well since the backlight and projection will stay permanently unlike when it used with the battery, the light will only turn on when pressing the lights option on the top of the clock. The video sample is with battery power and the other one with adaptor. This is useful as well for my daughter since she mainly rely on alarm clock or us waking her up and love the idea of having a bit of light in he room. It acts like a sensory light which she find soothing, can be annoying to others but it’s personal preference. Please see the user manual for instruction on how to set date and alarm etc. Over all we’re pleased with this since our daughter loved it.

This is what it’s look like with battery power. The backlight and projector will only light when press the right button on the top but won’t stay permanently.

This is with the adaptor. The backlight and projector stay permanently. Alarm sound is annoying which surely wake up anyone lol

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