Bodyshop haul and review 

My bodyshop order has arrived yesterday and I was so excited about it. I don’t really need to buy but was tempted with their promotional offer and I thought it’s worth stocking for Christmas gifts since festive season is just around the corner anyway. The package came in a box through Royal Mail tracked. This purchased was bought during their 40percent off sales offer. I got all the items from their sales offer plus another 40 percent off from their promotional code offer ( already expired ) and since they offer free delivery over £10 purchase that I got qualified as well as my total cost more than £11 so it’s a bargain. 

Here is what I bought for a total of more than £11 free delivery
Honeymania eau de toilette smells more floral than honey and that is because it’s from a nectar of a wild flower. It’s a floral scent with a hint of honey and it’s not overpowering. It’s a lovely floral honey scent that has a fresh aroma and last all day. The size of it is perfect to bring around wherever you go. It’s worth trying and got a spare one to give as a Christmas present.
This mist is lovely to keep you feeling fresh and remind of a summery garden floral scent. It’s light and subtle but perfect if you just want a little bit of fragrance.
This has a sweet cocoa scent that makes you feel lovely and pampered with your skin get moisturise and soft to touch. I love this 😍
Lovely shower gel with a scent of floral honey and gives you a nice fragrance and moisturise the skin. Love it 😍😍😍

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