Glamour magazine review 

I used to buy all different fashion and lifestyle magazine and subscribe to few of them on and off. However, I found a favourite among them all that I keep coming back. Few months ago I cancel my subscription with my glamour magazine as I don’t have time to read anymore but I find them irresistible especially the excitement they are giving with their beauty goodies included in their magazine sometimes. It’s like receiving a beauty box. I must admit, glamour magazine is quite stylish and captivating. I always enjoyed reading them. The content of their magazine is interesting and packed with loads of beauty and fashion inspiration and some story covering real people’s life and experience. I seems to love the glamour magazine editor as well which is Jo Elvin, i find her smart, witty and inspiring with her message every month. Personally, i find glamour magazine worth subscribing that I sign in with their Subscription offer this month. And you’ll be amaze that they are offering a 3 issues for £1 plus a free access on the iPad and iPhone. Also a free gift included which is a W7 make up set worth £33 😍😍😍 isn’t amazing? After that every 6 issues will be £9 to pay which I think still a reasonable price considering they giving freebie sometimes included in their magazine issue. 

This month issue has come with a free nail polish included in the pack. I bought this for £2 and I think it’s a treat 😍😍😍

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