Halloween spider cupcakes

I always enjoy baking with the kids and any occasion is an excuse, so this weeks excuse is Halloween. I looked through Pinterest and tried to find something easy enough for the kids to copy…in the end I settled on: 

Spider cupcakes (image from interest)

Which are basically just normal chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing with sprinkles and then decorated with liquorice laces as legs and icing for eyes. How hard can that be right?!? Haha!

The basic cakes were pretty easy to do:

110g butter

110g caster sugar

2 eggs

75g self-raising flour

25g cocoa powder

I use the all in one method and basically chuck it all in and mix well. Separate into 12 cupcake cases and cook at 170 degrees for 20 minutes and then cool well. 

And the icing was:

175g soft cheese

300g icing sugar

50g butter

40g cocoa powder
When the cakes are completely cool, spread the icing over each cake and cover in chocolate sprinkles (looks like a hairy spider body), then snap up liquorice threads, we chose cola flavoured but go with whatever works for you (black or red would look good too) and poke 4 in either side as legs. 

We then used white icing and black writing icing to do the eyes, but it would work just as well with chocolate buttons or smarties as eyes. 

My children are 5 and 8 so they were never going to be perfect but they do look like spiders and the kids had a fab time making them!

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