Earn a bit of extra pocket money decluttering your unwanted stuff at home. 

I usually clear out my clothes as I’m a bit of a sale shopaholic and get easily tempted to buy things I don’t even need. 

Earn & save money by decluttering your unwanted stuff at home. Sell them around such as as carboot, garage sale or online. Make a clear out to create a new space at home that is more pleasing to eyes plus selling them means you can have a bit of extra money to save for something you really need. It’s a good way to clear out your stuff. You get inspired more if you get rewarded a bit, so keep calm and start decluttering. 
Sites and app for selling your stuff when decluttering. 
Facebook – Tried and tested. clear out and sell by joining lots of selling group locally. This way you don’t need to pay fees to site such as eBay n PayPal etc. People will come and collect it from you and pay cash. But beware of time waster people and don’t let anyone you don’t know at your house. Always give the item at your door. Furniture and household stuff do sells very quickly here. Also once you uploaded picture you need to constantly advertise it by bumping to keep your listing back on top just by commenting. People are usually more online at night time.
Vinted- this is an app. Tried and tested. 15 percent fees to pay when selling here. You can sell or swap as well but beware of scammers. I got scammed here few times by swapping so just selling now but also got good swap before. Clothes and accessories for all gender and age. 
Depop- this is an app. Tried and tested. Instagram style, gain attention from following and liking items. Quick and easy to upload. 10 percent fees to pay here. 
Shpock- this is an app. Tried and tested and free to use it unless willing to pay. You can post or buyer to collect locally.
 eBay- I would say one of the best. tried and tested and loads of audience as can be viewed worldwide and easy to sell but only few profit after all the eBay and PayPal fees that being invoice monthly. It’s better to be a private seller and take advantage on free listing being offered sometimes and take note once you list your item do not put the option ” automatically relist your item ” bcos I’ve learn this is where I got charge loads from the insertion fees. 
Happy sale – this is an app where you can list for free. Tried as tested and sold here few times. ( I think it’s gone now as can’t find on Apple Store anymore ) 
Consignment shop- tried and tested. Perfect if you have one locally to your place. This is a shop where you can take your clothes and they will choose what to stay in there shop for let’s say 1 month and if your stuff does get sell then you split it 50-50 so you get paid either cash or cheque but every consignment shop is different so ask their policies and procedure in dealing.

Hope this will help you to get inspiration in clearing out your stuff. Thank you for reading 🙂 

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