Pole fitness: a hobby often taken the wrong way!

A few years back a good friend of mine started going to Pole class and within months was posting fantastically amazing looking photos on Facebook and I looked into joining her class. She told me the information about it and I decided it was too expensive. 

Several months went by and I thought nothing more of it, until my husband mentioned it and insisted I give it a try and he would pay. I think he liked the idea of it!

So I went along and although it was terrifying and I was constantly feeling embarrassed because I was so rubbish, I absolutely loved it! The first week we mostly did strengthening exercises and spins, pole certainly uses a lot of muscles that have never been used before. 

A few weeks in I moved onto “sits”, basically using learning to cling to the pole halfway up. I love pole, it has made me so strong and I am so proud of how flat my stomach has gotten now, after 2 children I didn’t think I would ever look good again but I’m so much happier now. 

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