Pole fitness strengthening exercises when you have no pole

I recently started pole fitness and have been trying to strengthen my stomach muscles and my arms. I had a search around online and there is a massive shortage of helpful sites, so I decided to do my own!

I am no expert, so you will have to bear with me with the photographs, my back and arms are never as straight as they should be!

Superman: on all fours (knees and hands shoulder/hip distance apart) lift alternate hand and leg and extend straight out, return to kneeling and swap over. Repeat 3 mins. 

Plank: lie on front, up on toes and arms supported by elbows. Draw stomach muscles up and hold. Start with 20 seconds and increase the hold as you become able. 

Crunches: lie on your back with knees bent and hands behind head. Engage stomach muscles and lift your shoulders from the floor, hold for count of 3 then lower back down. 

To extend the exercise you can hold your legs up at right angle from hips to knees and knees to feet, or once you have lifted your shoulder you can twist elbow to opposite knee then lower and alternate side on the next lift. 

Curls: using hand weights, standing starting with weights by your waist curl arms up to shoulder

Kickbacks: using hand weights, standing bent forward, back straight elbows bent up in line with back, extend weights back until arms straight. 

Push ups: if you struggle with full push ups then try the female version (bent knees instead up up on toes)

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