Blaviar luxury care premium after shave balm sigma review

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I was sent this one to review but it’s a men’s toiletries so I gave it to my husband to try. I also smelled it and the fragrance was just lovely. It has aromatic fragrance that has woody, citrusy and floral notes. Usually, i don’t like men’s toiletries as the scent are usually masculine but this one doesn’t annoy my nose but rather pleased it with a nice impression. My husband use it for his face and Neck after shaving and can be used as a daily moisturiser as well. The fragrance is noticeable and does last for a long time. Hubby was pleased with this product as well as it nourish its skin even the dry part of his face. 

Looking at the details at the back of the product, this is also suitable for vegan to use. It’s free from harsh chemical so it’s kind to the skin. Hubby also did not had any reaction using this product and we feel that it’s a good value of money since we’re happy with the quality of it. Definitely recommended! 

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