Does home exercise work for you? 


Being a busy working mum, I don’t have time to get fit. So I thought, home exercise is the answer. Well, how could I be wrong?

Having my 2 years old son at home with no one to look after him but just me, i thought I could do some multitasking and follow youtubes exercises at home. It’s seems practical, safe and will save me money from going out to the gym or swimming classes. It seems the perfect idea for a mum like me to keep active and fit while looking after my son.

Until my son started moving chairs and stuff while I’m on a Dance exercise and etc….haha how safe and stress free is that? Obviously I can’t just ignore this cute little fella who constantly want attention from mummy. In the end, I give up.

For me this is what I can see as a pros and cons of exercising at home.

Pros of home exercise

  • Save money from gym membership
  • It’s more convenient, practical and comfortable if you have some accessories at home or a good space without kids running around.
  • You can be creative and you can tailored exercise that you feel suits you best.
  • The freedom of movement, comfortability or confident especially if you get conscious exercising at the gym.


  • You might not be able to keep up in a routine as sometimes being at home makes you feel too comfortable and can’t be bothered to do anything.
  • Loads of distraction at home like children constantly want your attention, watching films, eating foods, relax, feeling lazy or there are days when you feel down and not motivated enough to do exercise etc.
  • It’s not safe exercising when there is a kids running around and moving furniture and stuff that could be dangerous for you and the child and you will both end up having injury tripping from the floor etc.
  • Exercise accessories such as dumbbell or weights are not safe on kids as they can play with it and hurt themselves.
  • You might be doing the wrong exercise for your body built or might not be suitable for you. ( eg. Getting more masculine when you just want to tone up. This is when you need a proper trainer or personal coach.

Everyone is different so whatever you think best for you then go for it. Just sometimes try to weigh the pros and cons. Personally, for me it didn’t work because it’s not safe doing it while my toddler is around.

However, there are some few apps called 7 minutes exercise. And according to my fitness fanatic friend, 7 minutes a day to exercise is enough to get fit and obviously diet play a very important role in becoming a healthy and fit individual. Everyone can have a good lifestyle through balanced diet and keeping active such as walking, swimming, stretching, running or jogging, dance with the music or doing household chores.

Anyway, here are few 7 minutes exercise app I found.

Go to the App Store and search for 7 minutes workout app. Also read their reviews to see the best app.

Also don’t forget to share with us what kind of exercise, diet or lifestyle works for you in order to keep fit and healthy. Thank you!

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