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I’m a member of Tesco orchard and they sent me a Tesco coupon to get a free fresh chicken breast fillet and one of their perfect imperfect pears or apple.

The chicken breast fillet is 2 piece per pack but in a separate packing which means you can use one at a time and will reduce food excess and you can keep them fresh for longer.

I think I got this perfectly imperfect pears from Tesco for a price of £.70 pence and I can’t find any differences from the normal pears range they are selling. It taste as fresh and delicious as the normal pears that cost more. Perfect for snacking plus there are 11 pieces in there which would last for a week and I don’t think they are imperfect.

I joined their program love food hate waste because like Tesco, I believe that no food that could be eaten should go to waste. There is a lot of people around the world who struggle to put food at the table so they don’t waste it. I grow up from a simple background where there is no extra food so we taught not to waste it. Now being a mother, seeing my kids wasting food sometimes makes me feel bad. However, I have learn a lot of different ways to save food to reduce wastage. Example with the left over meat, we make fried rice with it and add scrambled egg and green peas and it’s just as delicious as Chinese fried rice take away or even better as you can be creative with your own recipe.

5 things you can do ( tips from Love food hate waste )

  1. Check the date. Find out about and take control of different date labels. Did you know, you can freeze food right up to the use by date. Freezing on day of purchase is just a myth.
  2. Plan your meals. Check your cupboards, write a list, take it to the shops and stick to it. Use our two week meal planner to make the most of your food.
  3. Store your food correctly to keep it fresher for longer. Apples go in the fridge, potatoes in a cool dark place, and store bread in the cupboard or freezer. Here are some surprisingly freezable foods.
  4. Do you make too much food? Get your portions just right using our perfect portion tool.
  5. Last night’s leftovers and todays forgotten foods could be tonights feast. Check out our recipes for great ideas to use up any extra food.

Check Love food hate waste for more hints and tips as it will help you save money and reduce food waste.

Right, so this is the food I cook with the chicken breast fillet I got from Tesco. It’s a Filipino food called arroz caldo

Arroz Caldo literally means warm rice. This Arroz Caldo Recipe is a type of congee that closely resembles risotto. It has been a favorite Filipino snack and is best eaten with tokwat baboy.

For more information and recipe go to

Panlasang pinoy
The way I cook it is more simple than the recipe from Panlasang pinoy since I don’t have all the ingredients just in case you compare my picture of it to the other site. I just would like to share with you what we had for dinner a while ago.

That’s it and if you have any ideas on how to save money on food and reduce food waste then feel free to share it with us. Thank you!

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