Lovely in Lace 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I have created this style. Lace is one of the most beautiful style when it comes to dressing up on special occasion. I have chosen the dress in red as well for that eye catching attention. The duster jacket seems perfect for just covering up on chilly night out or parties. I had the matching black strappy heeled sandals and black clutch as well. Plus the simplicity of stud pearl earring and the rose watch match on the coat. It may not be everyone’s taste, but I feel it’s sophisticated, sexy and yet has the alluring beauty of simplicity and style. If you agree on me then check out on individual item’s price and link to shop. Also feel free to comment and share your fave item from this style or what do you think about it? Is it yay or nay?

Misguided duster jacket
Ax Paris high neck dress
Black clutch
Misguided strappy heeled sandals
Thomas sabo watch
Thomas sabo stud pear earring 
Speaking of red Lace dress, this remind me of the dress I wore on welcoming New Year’s Day.

This dress is from peacocks and only cost me £10 I think, and the shoes were from F&F of Tesco. I also have a matching pearl earring and bracelet, which I don’t know where it came from since it was a gift from my sister inlaw. Red is a traditional colour we wear on celebrating Christmas and new year. It’s because our family pass this belief on us that the red colour is a symbol of good luck and prosperity 🙂
This was my Christmas dress and it’s kind of embossed Lace dress which looks pretty. I got this from H&M sale and it’s only for £7, a bargain 😍😍😍

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