A trip to London, the Lord Mayor’s Parade and the Innholders Hall

My daughter and I had a trip to London to watch the Lord Mayor’s Parade. It wasn’t a very nice day, heavy rain and very cold, even though we were well wrapped up we were pretty cold!

The parade is mostly full of military bands and the livery companies of London. We had a spot on a corner and we’re a bit far back tomget any good photos, but I tried:

What my daughter was much more pleased about is that we were right opposite St Paul’s Cathedral:

And that I also took her to see Big Ben (who I believe is going to be covered in scaffolding soon for renovations so it was nice to see him before he was covered up)

And Westminster Abbey

I am a member of the Worshipful Company of Innholders, which is one of the Livery Companies of London (you can read a bit about Livery companies here). So we headed to the company hall for lunch, Bethany was thrilled; you head down this tiny little alley:

Through an ornate entrance and bam you are surrounded by stunningly beautiful decor which wouldn’t be out of place in a Victorian Manor House!

We had a fabulous day in London!

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