Are you a sale shopaholic or just a bargain hunter? | Confession of a sale shopaholic

I’m sat here looking at this red alert sale advertisement and it’s saying ” buy me ” and ” shop now “. Does it make you think twice or get excited? Obviously! The discounted price offers are so irresistible, that sometimes you just feel like you don’t wanna miss out on a bargain. Oh yeah, that’s me. 

Do you actually need a dress? There is a pressure with this limited time offer for additional discount so you think, “hey it’s nearly payday” or “I can use a bit of my savings for a treat” lol and yes, that’s kind of me again but just sometimes.

The unmissable offer, the ultimate bargain of all, that you’ve got to take advantage of it before everything gets sold out quickly. I mean you can’t go wrong for a pound can you? Omg, this is definitely me. 
Seriously, do you buy more items when they are on sale or just buy what you actually need? Do you tend to give in easily for an impulse buy because they are on offer or you can resist? How do you shop around during Black Friday sales and January sales? Do you have a big shopping spree, a treat for yourself or a big splash? 
Well, I think you have to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to shopping on sale stuff. 

  1. Would you actually use it in the future or need it?
  2. Do you really like what your buying or the product choices on offer?
  3. Quality vs quantity 
  4. Will it be a waste of money if I won’t really use them but just like it and it’s bargain. 
  5. Can I use it for a future gift for a family and friends? 
  6. Is the price a real bargain? 

However, I must admit that I can get a bit over excited sometimes and I forgot to stop and think and just go and buy because they are sale. I get a happy feeling knowing that I’ve got a bargain but then they always end up in the attic just collecting dust and waiting to be clear out. 

I think I am both a sale shopaholic and a bargain hunter as well. 

Like this lot, I bought them for future use. I got all this last year and most of them we’ve used already this year so it’s worth buying.

I got this Christmas jumper on boxing sale last year for my boys to use this coming Christmas 2016 so I think it’s a bargain. They are not going to be a waste and clear out so it’s a good buy.

Although, all the Halloween costume I bought last year for this year was a waste because we didn’t wear them. I spent only £10 on all of them ( 5 different costumes ) so it’s not too bad. 

I’m sure I’m not that bad since I can still manage to resist temptation like a while ago, I was about to buy discounted clothes again but already bought few yesterday so I thought it’s not worth it. I think, I always get carried away with bargain prices but if I think first before buying:  will be a wise purchase?

What about you? Are you a sale shopaholic or just a bargain hunter? Share it with us. ❤️

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