Children’s Christmas crafts

I love doing crafts with the children, any excuse but Christmas is by far the best excuse around. 

Homemade Christmas cards, my kids were 2 and 5 when we did these. 

A full handprint in brown makes a reindeer. 

Green finger prints in a circle make a great wreath. 

Fingerprints into a triangle make a Christmas tree. 

Finger prints in a line for Christmas lights or in a candycane shape. 

A toilet roll painted green with a red rim with and green painted paper rolled into a funnel for his hat makes a cute elf. 

Half a paper plate and 2 hand prints and 4 brown legs make our reindeer. 

These are just a few examples, I prefer crafts which don’t need adult help, I like the kids craft to be their own work. 

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