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Sharing is caring, that’s why I’m going to share with you few money saving apps I have been using or tried and tested. Let’s move away from all the temptation of sales from Black Friday.

Receipt hog
Earn money uploading your food shopping receipt and you can claim it through PayPal account or Amazon gift card.

Here are the point system reward equivalent

And I have already received a £5 pay out through PayPal so it’s genuine

Check out smart 

Get rewarded shopping at supermarket. See what item is on offer at different supermarket such as Asda, Tesco, sainsbury, cooperative, lidls and etc. Upload your receipt to get a claim. I have already tried this and had a pay out as well so it’s worth using when doing food shopping.

Download the app

And start earning rewards and you can withdraw them in the future. I have already got paid £5 before.

Save money on grocery shopping and get rewarded as well when uploading your receipt.

My supermarket
It’s like a comparison site / app where you can compare the prices of your favourite product from different supermarkets and save money. Also has a shopping list that automatically synchronised with your ” my supermarket ” account. Also get rewarded with cash back to save more money. This is perfect for online food shopping as well.

Download the app

Make a list and check prices on individual supermarket

Example of checking the prices

So that’s it, I hope that this few app will be helpful to you. And if you know more money saving up then feel free to share with us. ❤ thank you ❤

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