Stocking filler ideas for £10

It’s that time of year again: Santa is coming and needs a bit of help filling those stockings, but you don’t want to go spending a fortune and good ol’ Santa getting all the credit, so here are a few suggestions for around the £10 mark.

Chalk markers: so much more diverse than normal felt tips or crayons. They can be used on any non-porous surface (i.e. not painted walls or wood): glass, white/black boards, windows, paper etc.

They are as bright, if not brighter than felt tips and come off clothes easier (or carpets) and are easier to colour with. At £13.95 and £9.95 for the packs they are amazing. Also currently offering a 20% discount using code 20OFFSTR the link are:
Chalk Pens – Pack of 10 neon colour markers. Used on Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Window, Blackboard – 6 mm Bullet Tip with 8 gram Ink
Chalk Pens – Pack of 8 Earth colour markers – Use on Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Window, Blackboard, Bistros Glass – 6 mm Bullet Tip

Pyjamas: I always get the kids a new set of pyjamas for Christmas. Take a look at this selection at the £10 ish mark.

Monster watches: these are really cute and nice and comfortable for children to wear.

Nice educational gift to help them learning to tell the time. Normally £12.99 currently £8.99 with code monsters1 (all lower case) on their website.
Hot water bottles: kids love this kid of thing in the stockings, try these cute ones for only £7.

Make up set: for your little lady how about a make up set? I’m all for kids being kids but they do love to play dress up and a little set like this one for £5 is perfect for dressing up with.

Shower gel set: a cute idea to make bath time fun. This set is £5 and has a helpful hand pump on top.

The rest of the stocking I fill with cheap toys my children particularly like craft activities, take a look here, a lot of them are even 3 for 2 at the moment.

Hopefully this gave you a few stocking filler ideas, I swear this gets harder every year as the children getting bigger and more vocal about what they do and don’t like.

Please note: this article contains affiliate links and links to items received as free gifts, this in no way affects my opinion of the item.

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