Furry friends watches: review

Telling the time is a key skill which all children need to learn, they start learning in school and let’s be honest it is not the most fun of things to learn. So what more do you need than the “Furry Friends” who leap in to the rescue and produce fun and colourful watches for the children to learn with.
They arrived in neat plastic boxes, showing the different character watch faces clearly.

The kids grabbed their favourite and after removing the little bit of plastic holding the wheel out, we adjusted the time correctly.

It took 20 seconds for the watches to be attached to wrists and for the kids to start asking what the “Furry Friend’s” names were, which luckily you head online and there is a whole page dedicated to the friends and their personalities.

Bethany chose Zany (yellow): who is the youngest, cheekiest monster and Jack chose Ditzy (blue): who loves to eat jelly and ice cream. One thing I love is that one of the blue monsters is a girl, hooray for not gender stereotyping, although, yes my son chose the boy colour (blue) he was not bothered that the blue monster was a girl.

The feedback I have had from the kids is that the watches are very comfortable and the straps nice and soft. They both seem very happy to wear these all day and to tell me the time at regular intervals: it has certainly taught them to tell the time quickly!

If you would like your own Furry Friends Watch, they are only £12.99, available to purchase here and you can get a pair of cute matching ears for £6.99.

There is a special offer at the moment on the watches, reducing them to only £8.99 if you enter the code:   monster1.  (all lower case) at checkout, valid until the 18th December 2016.

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