Filipino style spring rolls | lumpiang shanghai | recipe | Filipino food 

I made this last night as our snack to eat while watching film, so I thought I will treat you for some Filipino food blog post 😊 It’s a spring rolls but in a Filipino style, and we call it lumpiang shanghai. I also got my mix seasoning and wrapper from a Chinese shop that sells Asian imported food. 

Here are the ingredients 

Mince pork




Spring onions


Mama sita mix seasoning 

Plain flour to be use before frying 

This mix has also instruction at the back written in English. This is imported from the Philippines.


Mince the carrots, onion and spring onions, can also be put in blender or food processor to have that smooth texture when mix to mince pork 

Also add the mama sita powder 

And the beaten egg

Then you have a mix ready to be wrap 

Then lay your wrapper by taking one wrapper at a time 

Scoop a little amount of mince mixture to the wrapper, then roll it upward and seal the edges with water to secure it.

I put a little bit of flour so that they won’t stick to each other plus it gives an added crispines to the spring rolls after fry though the instruction said just to dip it in both ends after cutting the roll.

Deep fry it then put it on a kitchen towel to drain excess oil 

Optional : you can also make a sweet and sour sauce and vinegar with chilli as a dip if you like.

For sweet and sour sauce 

In a pan Just mix half cup of sugar and half or one fourth cup of vinegar 

Mix ketchup with  one fourth cup of water and add to the mix

Mix 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of cornflour with one fourth cup water and add to the mixture 

Heat the pan and mix it until it gets thicken, add a little bit more cornflour if needed.

Then you can halves the mixture into 2 so that you can add slice of chilli on the other one

There you go, enjoy it as much as I did

❤️ thank you ❤️

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