Sleep Stories by Martyn and Rachael Healy: Audio books to put you to sleep. Review

My eldest daughter is 8 and has always struggled to “turn off” at night, ever since she was a baby we have had to rock her until she is totally settled, or sit with her, or put up with her climbing up and down the stairs asking for: cups of water, another story, more light, less light, to put a fan on, that she’s bored, her head hurts etc etc etc a million excuses, which just boils down to her not being able to unwind and go to sleep.

So when I was contacted by Rachael Healy to review a copy of her Sleep Stories audio book I jumped at the chance. Anything which might help bethany settle better.

We have tried everything from night lights, to white noise and from the radio to the “sleep fairy”. So I was very excited to try something new, but not really expecting much. The main idea behind Sleep Stories is that it is a combination of hypnotherapy techniques, cute characters and soothing audio story lines, which sounded like it actually had a bit of basis behind it.

I downloaded the MP3 and transferred it onto Bethany’s iPad (the best way to do this is to download it onto a desktop and email it to the iPad/device required). When it was time for bed we settled her as usual and I put the story on, after 8 years of her taking 2 or more hours to settle I was amazed that she was actually asleep within 15 minutes.

I still wasn’t convinced, so I tried it 5 nights in a row and every night she settled without complaint. So I decided to trial an ordinary audio story book and she appeared downstairs like she used to do. That was it, I was sold! These Sleep Stories work brilliantly and I will be buying the rest of the series for her.

The stories are suggested as being for children aged 3-6, I guess the age is really for the story line not for the technique. Bethany is 8 and it works fine and I have even tried it for myself when I was having trouble settling at night.

Sleep Stories are available to purchase here

*please note this item was sent to me to trial for free, however this did not effect my opinion and all words are my own.

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