Filipino puto or muffin | recipe adapted from the ingredient box 

From time to time, I miss Filipino food. But it’s difficult to cook them when you don’t have all the ingredients needed. Luckily, there is a Chinese shop near us that sells imported Asian food. This ingredient has got a recipe that easy to follow and it’s very simple. Well, I recreate recipe by just adding anything like flavouring.

This one is what we call puto or it’s like a muffin. Puto is a type of steamed rice cake usually served as snack or as accompaniment to savory dishes such as dinuguan or pancit in Philippine cuisine and believed to be derived from Indian puttu of Kerala origin

Here is the imported ingredients ready to mix

The recipe is printed on the back and easy to follow.

The ingredients as listed on the recipe

I add this flavouring to the mix. We call it ube or purple yum. This what made the puto purple as well.

Mixing it

Sugar added

Cooking oil added

The ube flavouring

Ready to be steamed

Add grated cheese on top and ready to eat.

❤ enjoy ❤

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