The REAL Motherhood Challenge

I have seen lots of posts going around on facebook for “the motherhood challenge”, post 3 photos which make you happy to be a mother and nominate people who you think are great mothers. First of all nobody nominated me…does that say something about my mothering abilities? But mostly my thoughts were of those Mums (and Dads) who are struggling and how skewed facebook is; with loads of pictures of happy smiling families makes you sit and think “am I doing something wrong?” if your kids aren’t happy and smiley all the time. I’ll let you into a secret: no children are happy all the time, in fact they are little horrors most of the time.

So I have chosen some more realistic photos to share with you.


This is me most of the time: tired, no make up and in baggy sweatshirt and joggers (or in this case a dressing gown, but you get the idea)


I don’t even remember why my kids were crying at me this day. I had probably told them they had to come off the iPads, or they need to eat dinner before pudding.

Kids cry and often for little or no reason.


This is the worst! When your babies are ill and you cannot do anything to help them, they are begging for your help but all you can do is offer a hug. Heart-breaking!


She came downstairs cranky, I don’t know why. Maybe something going on at school, or maybe she just didn’t sleep well. But boy was she in a mood with me!


When they sleep on you and you have a million things to do but can’t get on because they kid needs you as a pillow and they wake up and cry if you move.

Life isn’t all buttercups and fairies with children, life is hard. You are not alone if you are struggling, talk to someone, they will understand and if they are a friend they won’t judge you, they will just support you.

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  1. I love this. Well done you – it’s not all happy birthday parties and brilliant smiley hugs. Some of it is hard, rotten and heart-breaking. And as the mummy of some autistic and ADHD kids, in my home it’s quite often a disaster. Thanks for sharing it with #kcacols – hope to have you back again!

  2. Lol – your face!! Hilarious and so true! FB and instagram totally fills up with ‘perfect’ pictures – we say this all the time. Some I know have even taken themselves off them cos they can’t cope with how it makes them feel – I ought to show them your post to make them feel better! #kcacols

  3. This is awesome! I have a photo that I wanted to post this week on instagram but haven’t gotten too in all my “free time”. The two middle boys are snuggled together over the kitchen sink playing car wash. They both have their shirts off, the lighting is great, it’s a beautiful moment. Only….the soundtrack is turned off. They are arguing over cars, the older one is complaining that he has to play with his younger brother and that car wash is boring. The little one is whining because he dumped all the color tabs in the water and now he wants more and we don’t have any. It’s a perfect picture for a moment that was seriously causing me to lose my cool! LOL Ah motherhood…. keepin’ it real! #KCACOLS

  4. A really great post, you are right, we should all share the reality of life with children more. Being a great mum is about the little things not the big ones. Thank you so much for linking up with #PostsFromTheHeart

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