Zombies, Run! App review, immersive story for running/walking #triedtested

I like doing for a run every now and then, I’m not very serious about it and not very good at it. The best I can normally manage is about 4km and I walk at least half of it haha.

I adore zombie films and the Walking Dead type series on TV so when I heard about a new app out which is essentially a running app based on a zombie storyline I just had to try it!

It is free to download, which is always good, and can be used for walking or running. You do have to register with it, which didn’t take long and then you link it up to your playlist and you can start using it right away. You select how long you want to run for, or how many km if you prefer and turn on the zombie chases.

The storyline is a zombie apocalypse is currently going on and you are a survivor. You get a couple of minutes of story, followed by a few tracks from your playlist, then more story and more songs etc.

The further you run the more “supplies” you gather, when the zombies swarm you the radio guy instructs you to run faster.If you don’t run fast enough the zombies get closer and eventually you “drop” something to distract them or you manage to evade them and keep all your supplies. In my 4km I met 3 zombie swarms which I had to sprint away from.

The story is great fun, I can’t wait to go running again so I can hear the next part of the story.

The app tracks your route, time and distance etc, in the same way a normal running app does.

I would completely recommend this app, it is so much fun and really does encourage you to get out there more often, run for further than normal and run faster than normal (at least you do when the zombies are chasing you!). They also do a 5k training version, this however costs ¬£1.99 so I haven’t tried it myself. You can set your distance on the normal app, so I don’t think the training version is really needed.

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  1. ohh I’ve tried this app and I loved it. I can’t run anymore but my oldest daughter still uses it sometimes.

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