Go fund my friend’s brother to fight leukaemia | help and share | charity 

One of my friend is in need of help right now. Her brother in the philippines is in a battle of fighting leukaemia but medical cost is one of a hell. I’m sure you all knows that medical treatment in the philippines is not free and it does cost a lot of money. Let alone you face with all worries, pain of seeing your family suffering plus facing medical bills. My friend has set up a go fund me for her brother’s medical treatment in a bid to help her family in the philippines facing a lot of struggles at this moment. That’s why I’m helping her in any way I can even in a small amount of money I’m sure it does help and also sharing is caring. She is knocking at your heart right now and even a small or any amount of donation can help. Please help them any amount you can and here is the link on her brother’s Go fund me

And this is the latest update at the time of wtiting this post.

We are not rich and I’m sure everyone have a financial struggle but every little things help when it comes to charity and good deeds for others. Please donate and share to spread the word. My god bless your kind heart. 

❤ thank you ❤

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