Valentine’s Day: What she really wants…

First off, avoid the pink “hearty section” of the supermarket, there is probably very little there your wife or girlfriend will appreciate. It is about proving you know and love her, so go for something which is her favourite:

Make up: watch what she uses in the morning, perhaps something is running low and you can replace it. Or does she use a favourite designer ( you can buy make up here) which you can get an item from the range for her.

Perfume: every woman has a favourite (or a few favourites) have a look and a sniff at the bottles on the dressing table, it should be pretty easy to locate what she uses. (The perfume shop is the best place to get perfumes from)

Bath products: some women are very specific about what they use and only want a certain brand, some are happy to trial different bubbles as long as they smell nice. What kind is your lady? (You can get some lovely bath sets here)

Accessories: jewellery ( such as ileana Makri jewellery ), bags, shoes. Is your lady a big fan of accessorising? Most women have a “style” they like; delicate jewellery or chunky?


Big bags or clutches? A certain brand of shoes (for me it’s irregular choice!). Don’t nip to Sainsbury’s and buy the first heart shaped tat you can see, that won’t win you any brownie points, find what she likes and spend the money on it.

Lingerie: a dangerous purchase for any man. You really have to know your lady: size is vitally important, but too small and you are calling her fat but buy too big and you are saying she looks bigger than she is. Unless you are sure don’t go there! Luxury pyjamas are a much safer option and always well received, they can be mildly sexy too.


Dinner out: a lovely gesture, especially if you have children and can organise child care. Don’t go any where too cheap, but watch out for the extra cost of Valentine’s Day menus.

Chocolate: is your lady on a diet? Does she love chocolate or is she more interested in losing weight at the moment? Think before you buy. Thorntons have a deal on their bundles at the moment (valid until 19/2/17) use the code THBUNDLES for an extra £10 off their bundles, making them half price!

Flowers: always a good option. Personally I prefer a flowering plant to a bunch of cut flowers (it lasts longer) but getting a bunch of flowers delivered to you makes you feel so special! (Prestige do some amazing bundles)

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