I’m in love with these interactive toys

I have just been sent an email from The Entertainer advertising these toys and I think they are so amazing that I just had to share straight away!

The first is aimed at 3-7 years ish and is an interactive soft toy, called Cloud Pets:

Available here

They are currently on offer at just £5.99, down from £29.99 so grab it quickly at this price. 

On a special app friends and family can record messages from where ever they are in the world and deliver it to the toy (via the parents app for authorisation). Or the child can record messages and send them to their friends cloud pet. 

You can also play lullabies from the toy (chosen from the app) and even control the volume of the song. 

Also the app has games for your child to play and stories to read together. 

Such a lovely idea for a toy and perfect if grandparents live in a different country to the grandchild!

Comes in 5 different designs:

The next interactive toy is the Fingerlings:

They are interactive baby monkeys which cling to your child’s finger. These are aimed at slightly older children, 6 years plus ish. I know my children will adore these!

Available here

They are currently preorder only and will be sent mid march according to the website. At £15 each they are a bit more expensive but I think they are really cute. 

These little critters know when they are being touched, talked to and even hung upside down and interactive with 50 different animations/sounds. They blink their eyes and turn their heads, so adorable!

These guys come in 6 different designs:

Eek I love them so much! Why do these things come out when I’m so poor!

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