Rubaisha; the story of unrealised love. By Naseha Sameen

2016. Egyptian historical fiction.
Rubaisha is the story of a mysterious Egyptian queen Rubaisha of Rubailee. It tells the story of her life, initially as a biography in the hands of an Egyptologist and then through magic as they travel back in time.

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Rubaisha: The Story of Unrealized Love (The Time Trilogy Book 1)

Initially I felt for the character Rubaisha, but as the story progresses you realise she is human afterall as she makes some mistakes and her death is her own fault, which she has blamed others for.

The character I related to most was Arkush (the hero). He always tries to fight on the side of good, but sometimes it’s not always black and white.

I loved the character Alaina and would like to read a story based on the rest of her life.

The style this author writes in is unusual, very brief and to the point, there isn’t huge descriptive passages which drone on for ages. I like it! You get the story, clearly and detailed and get drawn into the Egyptian world.

Sometimes a novel covers only a few hours in a whole book, but this novella covered a life time, and some time travel.

I would recommend this book. I am not one to have read many ancient Egyptian based books and I don’t think the accuracy as to whether a queen like Rubaisha could have existed matters, I read historical fiction books as a story and this story I enjoyed. As mentioned I would love to know what happened to Alaina.

I would give this book 7/10.

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