Anthony James white vintage men’s watch review | #triedtested

It’s our 10th year wedding anniversary next month with my lovely husband so I thought I will give him a watch as a present. I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this watch from New Designer Anthony James Analogue White & Silver Quartz Mens Watch Sale Links Strap & White Calendar

I have received this watch the next day after I ordered it which is a quick delivery and upon removing from its packaging, I was impress with its quality. The overall packaging was presentable and looks expensive. The box appeared smart and really looking stylish. If I don’t know the price, I thought it’s a designer range.

Inside the box you have the watch and user manual and it’s lifetime warranty which makes me more amazed that it’s offer a lifetime. Taking the watch out, you can notice some clear plastic protection wrapped in bracelet and in the face and back of the watch. The watch appeared reasonable size for a man it’s not chunky or too big I think it’s perfect.

This watch is meant for my husband but I have tried it on and looks lovely. The watch looks expensive and smart to wear. The watch feature has the main analogue clock face and seconds and the date which can be easily adjusted with the button. The button and dial on the watch seems durable and won’t break easily. The watch has also Anthony James engraved at the back and on the bracelet lock.

I’m overall impress with the quality, design and value of this watch. I think it’s a good quality watch and excellent value of money. I’m very pleased with this watch and would definitely recommend it. I’m sure it’s the perfect 10th wedding anniversary for my husband. I hope he likes it though ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: Item was provided for review but all words and opinion are my own.

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  1. I hope your husband likes it….
    I think it looks fantastic! I am really surprised at the price. It looks like it would cost a lot more. #TriedTested

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