Travelling to the Philippines. | our family summer holiday. 

Travelling with children can be a bit scary especially if it’s your first time for a long hours trip with small ones. However, travelling to the Philippines is more fun and it’s all worth it.

Philippines is a very hospitable country. It has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. The beautiful tourist spot, delicious foods and warm welcoming of the Filipinos. It makes the perfect travelling destination as long as you love sunshine. There is a lot of beautiful places and good reason to explore Philippines. However, our family holiday only cover a little bit of the Philippines but it gives you a taste of what it’s like to travel in there.
Last summer, we went for a holiday to my native country Philippines. It’s my boys age 5 and 2 years old first time to travel that far and it’s  about 16 hours journey to the Philippines from the uk. Luckily, we have a teenage daughter who was very helpful but still can be a bit challenging sometimes when all the crying comes with it and we all end up tired, moody and not enjoying the holiday.
The good thing about travelling with small children is that they can start getting used to it as such age. They get excited with everything first time like going to the airplane, so on our way to the Philippines, our flight wasn’t that bad. Everyone was so excited for the holiday. My boys were excited to see that they have their own seat in the plane and they were excited to have their own little t.v which entertained them as much as they want. They were also excited pulling and pushing our little luggage. I think the excitement helps and entertaining toys, gadget such an iPad is a must or bring books and colouring set to keep them going. They were so excited as well to see the clouds through the airplane window.


The weather in the Philippines was really hot so you have to take that in consideration when travelling, make sure you pack loads of summer clothes and accessories such as hat and sun protection lotion.

Luckily, we have a family car in the Philippines so my children was comfortable and entertained with a small tv. But transportation in the Philippines can be through buses, jeepney, taxi or you can also rent a car for your own comfort to explore. In the city like manila, it’s a bit polluted but to the countryside it’s better.

You can see amazing and delicious exotic fruits in the road being sell everywhere by the Filipino people whose main income is from selling fruits and vegetable along the high way road where they also live and has a stall.

There is also barbecues and the famous balut in the Philippines which is egg with little chicks embryo being sell late afternoon and night through the streets

But honestly, I just eat the egg yolk part and drink the soup of balut and leave the little chicks.

One of the best 5 star hotel in the Philippines is Shangrila hotel however you might find them a bit expensive but it’s worth it. My kids enjoyed their swimming pool with its beautiful resort style and relaxing nature landscape

There is also a lot of beaches in the Philippines and they will surely delight anyone.

When it comes to food, there is a lot of varieties of either Filipino food or international fast food offering many different kind of cuisines. Dampa is one of the best when it comes to Filipino food. Everything is fresh just buy from their wet market then go to your chosen restaurant and they will cook it for you and freshly served.

Ooppsss sorry, we have already eaten at this picture lol didn’t able to take a picture when all the food were serve.

You can see rice everywhere in the Philippines but if your looking for a food such as chips, French fries etc and it won’t be a problem. You can easily find a different kind of food that suits your taste bud.
And if you love cooking and want to explore the wet market just have fun buying fresh vegetables and etc

Or try to catch the sunrise in the fields along the high way road.

Isn’t beautiful?
When it comes to visiting a Filipino friend, they will surely welcome you with loads of Filipino foods and the whole thing became like a party and a celebration. If you get lucky, you might even see a roast pig in the table being served for your visit.

There is a lot of things I want to tell you about travelling to the Philippines but it will take loads of time. All I can say is more fun in the Philippines especially if you know one Filipino friend to take you around as your tour guide. However, I advise you to organise your trip before going there and secure all your personal belonging such as money, purse, gadget, cellphone, jewellery and many other important thing. Also expect that it’s really hot in there and your body might get a shock and you get ill so take first aid and few medicines with you. Other than that, enjoy your holiday 🙂

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