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This weekend we were invited over to the brand new Flip Out venue in Chichester, which has opened recently.

We have never visited a Flip Out before so I wasn’t completely sure whether the children would be able to do everything, I thought it might be geared towards older children. I was pleasantly surprised that out of all the areas there was only one bit which the kids were too small to go on (the Ninja Arena).

The price of entry is a flat rate of £11 per person for an hour, but they do run mini flipper sessions during the day term time for under 5’s and an adult for £11 for both.

We arrived at 10.30, as instructed for our 11am session, there was ample parking and the staff in reception were nice and quick moving us through to the briefing room. Once in here we watched a short video about the do’s and don’ts for Flip Out safety:

We also got time to put our special Flip Out socks on:

We were through this by 10.45 so had 15 minutes to kill before our session time started so we headed to the cafe to wait it out. It’s annoying to have to wait, but if you arrive too late you will waste some of your hour watching the video and getting ready.

Once inside we scouted out the various areas:

  • The main trampoling area is suitable for all ages

  • The “expert” area has the parkour section, this isn’t age limited but is harder to do and is mostly full of the older children jumping from heights
  • mini flippers for children under 130cm, a little calmer than the main area
  • The foam pit, again suitable for all ages, consists of a giant foam pit which you jump into from the trampoline or attempt the climbing wall and fall into from the side

  • The tumble track, again all ages, consists of a long trampoline for practising gymnastic moves
  • The dodge ball section, all ages, for games of dodgeball (we didn’t really use this much as my kids are wimps)
  • The Ninja Course, which is height restricted, is actually very difficult…

The kids happily attempted all areas (minus the ninja course) and were completely exhausted by the time an hour was up, you really don’t need any longer!

There were loads of safety personnel around making sure everyone kept to the rules and didn’t get hurt. I did see one person twist their ankle and the staff were absolutely brilliant with their first aid.

After our session we decided to stay for lunch in the pizza cafe (They also do a kids lunch box or paninis if pizza isn’t your thing). It is well priced at £5.50/6 for an 8″ or £9 for a 12″ pizza, £5.50 for paninis or £4 for the kids lunch box (inc drink). There is also a soft Play area for under 5’s which Jack tried out while we were waiting for our food.

Flip Out was a fabulous, clean and well run place to take the kids out to. We really had a great time.

Check out our video here


*tickets were provided free in exchange for a review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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