Eyeliner made easy

Eyeliner is my make up staple.  I find any day I don’t have time to pop make up on before the school run people will comment how sickly I look, honestly it is just eyeliner which makes all the difference!

Here we have the just out of bed pyjama look and the eyeliner on ready to go look (no other make up involved). 

I don’t believe in spending loads on make up, I have a few items which I find work really well for me and I stick to them. My eyeliner of choice is the Avon Glimmersticks, if you time it right then you can get it on offer (the best I’ve seen is £1.75 each!) and I stock up when it is. On a normal day I use the cosmic brown colour:

It glides on really smoothly and you can blend it slightly for a smoother finish. It isn’t the best for flicks but, as you can see, you can do slight flicks with it. For a more bold look I use the Avon Gel Eyeliner in black, it is a much stronger colour but is a thicker pencil and you really can flick well with it. 

I also have the Avon Big Colour pencils, which are more eyeshadow than eyeliner, but if you put it on carefully then it can be used like an eyeliner:

You definitely won’t be able to produce a flick with these, but it is a fun look for spring and really draws attention to your eyes. 

One thing you may not have heard before is how white eyeliner makes your eyes look much bigger. I use this Rimmel Eyeliner which glides on well and looks lovely:

Which is your favourite look? The brown, the white or the colour?!

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