Detoxifying facemask by Younique for sensitive skin

I have mentioned before that, following a nasty prescription as a teenager, I have incredibly sensitive skin. So much so that often just rinsing my face with water leaves it feeling tight and red. So when purchasing skin care products I like to test them first.

I wanted to buy a new face mask and I had heard good things about the Younique Royalty Detoxifying Mask, my lovely Younique presenter Amy offered to let me try her mask before I purchased to make sure I could use it (Younique of course have their own guarantee but I didn’t want the hassle of having to send it back if it didn’t suit me).

It is very simple to use: rinse the face with water and apply a layer of the mask.

It starts to fizz and pop slightly as it oxygenates and then simply you wash it off.

Not only did my skin not react to it negatively, but it really helped clear my pores and left my skin feeling so soft

The mask isn’t cheap at ¬£38 a pot, but really clears the skin and feels so lovely afterwards. I am just stunned at how it didn’t cause my skin to go bright red and horrid I have never found a mask which works for me, until this one!

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