Calpol soothe and care vapour plug and nightlight review | #breathewelltosleepwell

I was sent this calpol vapour plug sample to try and test from BzzAgent. This was a perfect timing as well as we have colds and cough when we received it so I thought let’s see if it’s effective. 

It’s simple to use just open the refil pads included in the pack ( has 5 refil pads that last up to 8 hours per pad ) then insert the pad into the slot using the foil to hold the pad. I use my finger tip in pushing it into the slot. 

Then plug it in and a nightlight will be activated at night. 
Allow 60-90 minutes for vapour to fill the room. I plug ours in the hallway as the room is on the left and right of it and just leave both doors open. The vapour has a blend aromatic oil including lavender, chamomile, menthol,  camphor and eucalyptus. 

This help to soothe and ease breathing especially when you have colds and cough. I find this effective and really helpful during the time we have colds. 



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