Mother’s Day present 

When it comes to present, I keep telling to my daughter that I don’t want anything fancy or stuff I don’t need. I told her to save her money and all I want is a relaxing day or a total day off lol 

For me it’s the thought that counts when it comes to present and my kids were the sweetest. I sleep all morning since I came from night shift work and when I woke up my kids gave me their cards and present. My little boys made me a hand made Mother’s Day card and a flower in a basket. My teenage daughter bought me a chocolate and made me a printed shopper style bag from her school. According to her, she sew the bag all by herself and enjoyed making it. She also got inspired from her fave brand cath kidston hence she choose patterned. I’m really touch by this and feel so lucky. She also printed a Mother’s Day with our picture on it and put it in a frame. My daughter has always been creative and resourceful. I’m so proud of my kids. 

Mother’s Day Lunch with our nephew who visit us.

Hubby did all the cooking and let me rest. I also had a good time watching film with my daughter. We watch the film called ” Me before you” while hubby took the boys out. I had such a lovely Mothering Sunday and it was truly relaxing and I feel pampered. 

I fell in love with this film but heartbroken of its ending.

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