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I’m a coffee lover and drink coffee everyday and honestly I’m addicted to it. This is why I’m so excited when I was sent a Nescafé gold new recipe in double choc mocha, caramel latte and cappuccino unsweetened taste. I also got a free Nescafé cup which is perfect.

Trying them all makes it hard for me to choose my favourite. This new recipe has really gone perfect from the original which already irresistible. My fave before tasting this new improved recipe we’re the mocha flavour but now I just loved them all.

My teeenage daughter love the caramel latte and I already love the mocha which is naughty as it’s a double choco mocha and the cappuccino is perfect for less sugar since it’s unsweetened but still lovely to taste. This coffees from Nescafé gold were perfect for indulgent moments. For me they are comforting, irresistible and a treat. It’s like being in costa but the cost is cheaper but has the same feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. Each box contain 8 sachet which is good for 8 drinks and it’s Rrp£2.98 but other store prices were as low as £1.50 at the time of writing this post. Check my supermarket app prices.

They are easy to prepare as well.

Just boil water in your kettle and empty the content of the sachet into your mug then pour hot water and stir then wait 20 seconds and stir again to make it more frothy. For creamier texture just tap your mug on the table and feel free to add any grated chocolate topping or marshmallow if you want. That’s it put your feet up and enjoy ❤

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  1. I’m not a coffee drinker myself but I can totally see how these would be really handy to have at work.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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