Photography hobby that could turn into a career 

Few years ago, a friend from the workplace love photography as a hobby and she ask me if I like to be her model. Here are some of her shot and she also did my make up. 

She didn’t study or anything and never ask to get paid. All she has is not the latest but a good camera and her love for photography. I told her she could turn this passion into a career or business but she said she is just having fun doing it which is lovely and very nice of her. She also did a shoot with me and my kids. Here are some of it.

As you can see, she did produce a well executed and amazing quality of images which not that far from a professional one. As modelling or let’s say striking a pose is one of my hobby that I love photography as well but it’s more on snapping memories like everyday life. Here are some of my friend photos which even her beauty, without a doubt can make her a good model. 

She said, this was taken from her friend’s studio and doesn’t she look like a professional model? Shame she didn’t pursue photography as a career or a job.

But if you ever want to turn your hobby into something then I would advise you to do some research on how to get more advanced on it. There is a lot of YouTube tutorials nowadays and online helpful guide and maybe enroll yourself in some courses that can help you better yourself in a specific field that you want to get into.

Also upgrade yourself with a better gadget or material you might needed just do some research on what is recommended and good quality product you can purchase. 

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