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My daughter (aged 8) is currently crying in her room because I refuse to tidy up her toys and I’ve said she can’t have cake until it’s tidy. 

It’s not awful, it needs toys putting back in their correct boxes and clothes putting in the wash basket. 

As mummy I do the clothes washing and sort them and put them away in drawer, I clean the bathroom and kitchen, I Hoover, I cook dinner etc. All I ask of the children is they tidy their bedrooms. I don’t think that is too much….bethany does…

So, I ask you other parents, do you make your kids do their rooms? Do you help them? Do you with hold treats if it’s not done? Or offer rewards when it is?

Tell me does it work?!

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  1. Tricky one isn’t it, maybe you could threaten to go in with a big black bin liner and shove anything on the floor in it, she gets it back when she keeps the room tidy for a day, not sure really … I have the same problem. What does supernanny say on the subject? If you find a solution please let me know, currently my daughter’s room (in fact the whole house) looks like a bomb has gone off) x

  2. I have a two and a half year old but since he could walk he’s been helping out. He helps with the washing. I usually unload the washing machine and shake the items out and he loads them in the tumble then I do the fluff trap and he puts it back in place. I do the dial and he pushes the button. It really doesn’t take much longer and it’s something he’s come to enjoy. Same with dinner. I’ll get him to help me count bits out or hold the tray or sieve whilst I count bits out. He loves a bit of sweeping and using the dustpan.

    When it comes to tidying his toys he doesn’t always but I’m not overly concerned at the mo. As he gets older tho and his bedroom is more his playzone too I will insist it is clean but at the mo my battles are getting him to wash hands and clean teeth. I try not to offer rewards as I’ve read that is only a short term solution. I have sometimes said I will take a toy away if he doesn’t help me but when I followed thru with it he genuinely didn’t care. He’s still too little. It’s a method I’ll use as he’s older tho.

    If he won’t tidy it then it will go in the “taken away” box and he can have it back after a period of time I deem acceptable.

    It’s so hard isn’t it. I’ve found making things fun is encouragement but I’m a first time mum of a two year old so I probably have a lot to learn when it comes to 8 year olds lol.

    Good luck 😊 x


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