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When you have kids, it’s pretty important to encourage them to get outside and be as active as, and one way of doing this is to make sure that your garden is a pleasant space to spend some time in. In fact, if you create a real secret garden type place, that is a little magical, you will probably have trouble keeping them indoors! So keep reading to find out just how you can create a create magical garden space for all of the family to enjoy.

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Of course, the first thing that springs to mind when we think of a garden is the plants that it contains. But how can you use planting to your advantage when creating a magical style garden that your little ones will enjoy?
Well, first of all, you need to consider safety. Some plants are pretty dangerous for small children and even household pets. So always be sure to avoid things like foxgloves and dogbane to ensure that you keep your family healthy.

Then you need to consider colour and texture. For texture, plenty of shrubs and bushes around the edge of the garden can make it seem old and well established, even if you have just moved in.
In terms of the colour, it’s nice to get the kids involved in choosing the shades that they would most like in the outside space. Although, generally, anything bright like daffodils, daisies, and hydrangeas tend to be a good choice.

Water features 

Now, something else that you can include in a secret style garden for the kids is a water feature. Although it is vital to consider safety again here. That means any body of water that you do decide to have in your garden space needs to be cover with an iron grate or cloche. Which actually come in the very decorative versions now.

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Of course, you may choose to have plants, and even smaller animals such as fish and frogs in your pond, which the kids will find fascinating. But be sure to keep the water well aerated with pumps like the ones you can get from Oase Aquamax so your aquatic friends can thrive.

Away with the fairies 

Now, a very magical element of a secret style garden that you can create for the kids is to give them the suggestion of fairies. You can do this in a few different ways such as installing fairy doors in some of the trees and pots. Or you can position solar lights at the bottom of the garden that change colour, so there appears to be dancing lights.

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You can even string fairy light from trees and fences to give off a magical glow when the sun goes down to finish off the look. The kids will love it.


Lastly, a magical garden for the kids is one where they will have as much space as possible to run around in. This usually means having a large surface area of your outside space taken up with lawn.
To keep your lawn in top condition, ensure to mow it regularly when it’s dry and try and avoid chemical weedkillers that could be dangerous to those using the space.

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