Orlando, Florida; where to visit which isn’t Disney/Universal theme parks?!?

It is my 10th wedding anniversary this year and my husband and I decided to take a trip to America, without the children! Our first proper holiday without them since our honeymoon!

We have booked 10 days staying in the Hilton Double Tree, International Drive, Orlando (I will be reviewing this hotel after our trip so check back!). We are taking the children to Disney next year so I am not interested in going there this time and as much as I love Harry Potter I have decided the cost of Universal Studios outweights my need to see Diagon Alley and Hogsmead. So, I asked some of my blogging friends where they suggest and the results were:

  • Discovery Cove; we have booked this for the day of our anniversary. Swimming with dolphins, tropical fish, fresh water animals…an all day water experience. As recommended by Samantha

Photo from Laura

  • Gatorland, get upclose to gators and has loads of amazing photo opportunities. As suggested by Nicola

Photo supplied by Tracey

  • Kate, suggested we take a trip to Park Ave, Winter Park, about 25 minutes north of kissemee . Such a beautiful town, gorgeous boutique shops. Take a boat trip around the lake and see the stunning homes.
  • Helena shared her post: 10 things to do in Florida with a baby but they are awesome things to do without one too 🙂
  • The Kennedy Space Centre, we also went to Leu Gardens which was lovely, it’s a big estate house with huge gardens perfect for whiling away a romantic afternoon, as suggested by Hayley of https://devonmama.com/

We also had suggestions of some restaurants to visit:

  • Laura also recommended we make sure we go to Cheesecake Factory and also have the cookie skillet dessert at the outback steak house as it’s amazing!!!
  • Jon suggests we go to The Village Inn opposite the Hilton Doubletree. BEST PIES IN ALL OF AMERICA!!
  • Raglan Road in downtown Disney is great fun. Dinner at the Ritz Carleton near Seaworld is amazing. Ask for the terrace. Suggested by Kate of http://www.modernmum.net/

Does any one have any further suggestions we need to visit?!?

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