Make Your House A Home 

Moving house is an exciting time, but it can sometimes be disappointing when you first get there.

When you were looking at the house, you could really see yourself living there. Now that you are, something doesn’t feel quite right. It can take a while to adjust and you might be thinking that you prefer your old house. Maybe you should have just stayed there. The new house isn’t usually the problem. The reason that you felt so comfortable in your old place, is that you’ve lived there for years. During that time you’ve gradually turned it from just being a house, into being your home.

There’s nothing wrong with the new place, it is just as amazing as you remembered it, but it isn’t your home. Yet. While there is always going to be a period of adjustment, there are a few things that you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable. Here are some great ways that you can easily make your house a home.


Choose Good Colours

One of the things that can make you feel uneasy about a new house is the fact that somebody else decorated it. They chose all of the colours, and they probably have different tastes to you. You’ll never feel at home here if you don’t redecorate. It’s surprising how much difference a good colour pallette can make.

Don’t choose anything too harsh. Instead, go for soft pastel colours that will be soothing, and help you start to relax in your new house. When you’re decorating the kitchen, make good use of the space that you have to ensure you will feel comfortable cooking in there.

Put Things On Display

Filling the house with things that are special to you will really help you to claim it as your own. Any family pictures that you have, need to go up immediately, as well as any artworks that you love. Doing this puts your stamp on the house and makes you feel like it’s really yours.

Make It Cosy

Good use of lighting can go a long way to making a house feel a lot more cosy, like a proper home. Avoid using any blue tinted, or bright white lights. They give the room a clinical feel, and sitting in a dentist’s waiting room isn’t exactly homely, is it?

You should also make sure that it is warm enough in every room, turn up the bathroom radiator, and make sure you draw the curtains to keep the heat in.


A few well placed plants can completely transform a room, bringing it to life in seconds. Not to mention its very good for your health. Plants help the air in the house to circulate so they stop it from getting too stuffy in there. They also increase your oxygen intake drastically, which improves general mood, so if you’re anxious about the new surroundings, then they can help a lot.

Unpack Properly 

It’s a pain, but unpacking everything makes the move feel final. If you’ve got boxes everywhere, it won’t feel like you really live there. As soon as you move in, unpack everything and find a new home for all of your belongings. It will help you to let go of your old place and settle in your new place.

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