The New Home Checklist

Moving into a new home, whether it’s rented or bought, is an exciting time. It’s like a fresh start, a blank canvas, a new page on which you can jot down all of your ideas.

Homes express our personality more than anything else in our lives, provided that we are willing to put in the effort to get it decorated to our own taste. Even if we have small spaces to work with, it’s still fun to do. It’s even more important that we can reflect ourselves when we have children – we often feel like the ‘old you’ is missing when we become parents, and so moving into a house where you have the chance to display yourself all over again is the perfect opportunity to reclaim it.

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Bathrooms need to be practical when you have children, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish too. When planning out what you are going to do in your bathroom, it doesn’t all need to be done in one big swoop. You can do it gradually over time and save yourself a great deal.

Take a look at bathroom furniture online for a better selection, generally speaking, and a cheaper price than the majority of stuff that you’d find in stores. Remember not to overload on the decorations, as these in the eyes of small children are just toys to play with. Sometimes they’ll try and go out of their way just to get their hands on them!

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Living Room 

This is the real chance to show off. The room that your visitors, family and friends will be going into more often than not. When you move into a new home, this is totally your chance to rid the house of whatever colour is on the walls and make your stamp on it.

Colours can drastically affect mood, so make sure that you are going for something that you would be happy to walk into regardless of what’s happened to you throughout the day. If you have children, go for a robust paint which allows plenty of wipe-downs to quickly get rid of fingermarks and other prints which may make their way onto your wall.

Put up pictures, posters and anything else that you can think of to show off your personality without having anything within arm’s reach. A very practical solution.

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This is the one place that you don’t have to prove who you are, what you like, or even how tidy you are. It should be a place to go into, switch off and forget about the world. Do whatever you want to do in here. Neutral colours give the impression that it’s a light and airy space, but if you prefer cosiness then opt for warmer tones.

Before you move, get rid of any clutter that has been taking up room in your old bedroom; this includes clothes, books and anything else that you haven’t used in over a year. It’s not something that needs to be transported over to your new abode; it’ll only be a literal waste of space when you get there. Replace it with things that bring you joy!

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