Kaleidoscopic Kids Rooms

So, it’s that time again, The time when you have to update the kid’s bedrooms. But what jobs are you going to do, and what decorations are you going to have this time?

I’m sure the kids have some ideas themselves, but in our experience, it’s better to limit today’s trendy cartoon characters to a minimum. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself needing to decorate again as soon as their favourite changes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for some fun themes and colourful options. So read on for some suggestions.

Bright Bonatics 

One of the most popular themes at the moment is a combination of natural and botanical images alone with bold colours. For example, you can go with a citrus orchard type theme. That includes bright and muted oranges, lime greens and lemon yellows. Use these against a plain white backdrop for maximum effect, and also, so they don’t overpower the room.

A green carpet is a nice touch, as it echoes grass. The furniture that you may want to use can be of any style. But oversized modern furniture works well to reinforce the fun and bright atmosphere you are going for.

Top the whole thing off with wall paintings, framed pictures, or transfers of citrus fruit trees and you will have a perfect summery room for your kids to play and sleep in.

Alternatively, you can do this scheme is a blue-based hue, using pink, purple and lavenders. Which can look beautiful for a little girl’s room, and give it a much more tropical feel.

All At Sea 


Another very popular theme for both boy and girls at the moment is a nautical themed room. The great thing about this theme is that you can go all out with references to gallons, doubloons, and pirates. Or you can just give it a subtle and stylish nautical finish.
In particular, this type of style can work very well in small box rooms, which are popular for the little ones. Just remember to maximize the space you do have by installing vertical column radiators like the ones from www.onlyradiators.co.uk and a cabin bed.

Obviously, you will be using a lot of blue in this sort of room, but yellow works well too as it’s reminiscent of sand and beaches. Finish things off with some rope rigging and netting for an extra fun element, and don’t forget a wooden treasure chest to put away their toys, treasure, and most secret items in. As this is something that all kids dream of!

Pink Princess


Of course, we can’t deal with all of the different types of rooms that you can do for kids without address the princess’s room. Love them or hate them, it’s likely that there will be a time that you begged for one by your little daughter.

But before you rule it out as too twee, why not take some of the elements of s princess’s room and use those without so much pink?

A bed canopy like the ones at http://www.great-kidsbedrooms.co.uk, can make an amazing addition to a kids room. As can a raised bed with a castle playhouse underneath. Even some pretty fairy lights can give it a princess look, without having to have the whole room drenched in pink.

Use white, or lemon on the wall for a refreshing change. Then place bold fairytale artwork in frames on the wall, to make it childlike but still stylish.

Purple People Eaters 

However, it may be that pink princesses couldn’t be further from what you child wants. They may, in fact, be up for something a bit more comical, or even gross such a monster or dinosaur type theme.

Obviously, the most important aspect of getting a kids room like this right is to make sure that the monsters aren’t too scary! Friendly monsters that the kids can relate to, either of your own design or using ready-made images are a much better idea than something that is going to keep them up all night!

The fun thing about this type of room is that you can really allow your imagination to run riot and include lot so bright colours like orange, purple and green. There are also plenty of places that you can get super fun and friendly wall stickers of monsters, robots, and dinosaurs online. Which means all you need to do is give the wall a coat of paint and you are pretty much done.

Jungle Fever 

Lastly, one of the most fun room that I have seen specifically design for kids is a jungle room. What could be more fun that having the wall cover in the picture of elephants, monkeys, and parrots? It certainly a great excuse to use it soft bright, stimulating colours.

Image link
Luckily, a lot of the big stores are producing jungle animal items, so you shouldn’t have too many problems in finding things to decorate the room with.
Or if you’re feeling a bit crafty, you could get stuck into some woodwork and build mock tree houses with a rope bridge over the top of the kid’s beds. Perfect for if you have two little one sharing and super fun!

Other successful room like this I have seen include hand painted murals on the world full of exciting wild beasties. You can even go all out and get stuffed animals heads to hang on the wall like a safari room such as elephants and zebra.
Of course, one of the biggest benefits of this type of room is that you can build in a lot of climbing activity items in. Such as rope swings, and even monkey bars if you want to. Which is bound to keep the kids amused for hours, even if it’s a rainy, miserable day outside.

Of course, if you do this, make sure that they are safe, and that you install safety flooring in case the little ones do take a tumble.
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