Just because you are a mummy doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy

Boudoir vs Pin up Photoshoot
We have previously posted about body confidence and how some days you don’t feel pretty, let alone sexy. About 6 months after I had Jack I decided to have a sexy shoot done, so that in the years to come I could remember that, yes, I was once young and sexy! I went to Moving Pictures in Worthing, West Sussex

After having a chat to Eps I discovered she had also had a similar photoshoot done; only hers was more of a pin up style than mine. Both are sexy, beautiful woman, not naked but seductively dressed, the difference is subtle but clear:

Pin up

Pin up photos started back around the 1900’s, when young lads would literally “pin” the photos to their walls. Nudity was taboo so the ladies were often fully dressed (maybe with a stocking showing), usually with a playful pose and using inanimate, traditionally not sexy household items as props.


Boudoir photos are more modern, they are usually women proud of their sexuality and the photos have become a symbol of body confidence, sexual gender equality (we all know women can have as high a sex drive as men) and the acceptance of the power of female sexuality. Clothing is often more revealing and the photos are often more teasing than the subtle Pin Up style.

Jade Beall Style 

I also had some Jade Beall style photographs done, which are much more focused on loving the body you have; natural lighting, accepting body change after having a baby. She often does a lot of breast feeding shots and also does shoots of Grandmother, Mother and Child which are lovely generational pictures to treasure.

Check out our YouTube video here.

Which style do you like best?! Or do you, like me, think they are all stunning!

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