Acevivi Automatic Rotating Hair Curler

I have dead straight hair and generally I just leave it straight, well straight is in so I might as well, but sometimes it’s nice to try something different.

I have previously tried different ways of curling my hair: curling tongs, foam rollers, with a straightener etc but most have been pretty much a failure. I am really bad at doing the back of my head, it either looks awful or I end up tangling myself up.

I saw these automatic rotating curlers and thought they were a great idea for people, like me, who struggle with normally methods.

ACEVIVI Automatic Rotating Iron, 2-Way Coated with Nanometer Ceramic Oil, Instant and Uniform Heating Hair Curler, With 2 Temperatures control – Rose Red

The curler has 2 temperature settings (1 for fine fragile hair and another for strong thick hair) and heats up really quickly. It is coated in nanometer ceramic oil, which leaves your hair shiny looking and reduces frizziness and knotting.

It is so easy to use, open the gripper and grab bottom of hair, press one direction and it curls the hair round, hold for a few seconds and press the opposite direction to uncurl and release the gripper.

The curler has some clever security functions: it has a little stand so it doesn’t rest on your table, auto shut off after 60 minutes and temperature lock so you can’t accidentally change the temp setting while you are working. The cord also has a 360 swivel to it for ease of use.

It isn’t cheap at £43.99 from Amazon but is worth every penny, it is so easy to use! Check out my video review here

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  1. I’m actually on the look out for some kind of easy to use hair curlers and these look fab. I just can’t get used to doing it with the straighteners (girl of the 80’s!) I love the extra little features like the stand and the beep when it’s been in the hair for long enough. They would make a great gift for a teen too! #KCACOLS p.s. great review vid 🙂

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