My love of shoes: confession of a shoe shopaholic

I’m sure everyone has got something they love, something they are passionate about. It could be jewellery, antiques, stones, or even clothes or anything that hold a special place in your heart.

One of my colleagues at work confessed about her love of high heeled shoes and matching bags. I was surprised when she showed me pictures of her shoe collection, she even has a special display case specially made for them. 

She told me that she is obsessed with beautiful high heeled shoes and wears them for dancing and attending parties. There is also times when she can’t decide, when a shoes comes in different colours, so she would end up buying them in each colour. This reminded me of the film “confessions of a shopaholic” which has a similarity to my addiction to clothes, as well as with my colleague, a shoe addiction.

According to her, she always wanted to be tall and high heels is the only way to boost her height and finish her outfit. Any outfit would be incomplete without a pair of good looking high heeled shoes which I totally agree. It’s a lady’s best friend when it comes  to showing off your legs and making them look slimmer and longer.

When I asked her how many pair she own at the moment. This is her answer “I think it’s about 35 pairs of high heeled shoes and about 15 handbags plus about 150 nail varnish and matching jewellery to go with my shoes.”

Right so it’s time to show off her collection.

She bought this with a friend that later passed away and the friend requested to wear pink at her funeral so she wore these, as it holds a special memory of their friendship.

Her partner bought these for her 40th birthday party and she wears them with her evening dress that her partner also bought.

She bought these matching gold shoes and handbag for a special wedding party which is lush and perfect for partying.

These are her most memorable shoes, as this is the start of her high heeled shoe collection. These are about 15 years old but still in a mint condition, like new.

Her favourite brand is New Look which most of her collection came from.

So what do you think of her collection? What is your favourite? Do you have a collecting hobby as well? Drop us an email if you would like to feature in our guest post series!

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