Happy days pre school. Act of kindness.

I just want to share how I was touched by the kindness of my son’s nursery. Yesterday, I had to go to an appointment at my other son’s school and I knew I was going to be late to pick up samuel from happy days nursery, which is the pre school he goes to every Monday and Tuesday. So, when I dropped him off at 9am I spoke to the manager and told her I could be late for pick up. I also told her I packed him a lunch  in case I was super late. She was very understanding and told me not to worry about it.  

I felt so supported, like they were family which it made me miss my grandmother back home. 

I was supposed to collect samuel at 12 noon but I got back to happy days at 12.40pm and  they told me that samuel has already had his lunch and he’s been no problem. I said to the manager ( called carol ) to add this to our bill and this is when I was amazed with their kindness: She put her hand around the back of my waist and put her head next to mine and said “it’s okey, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to pay extra” while happily smiling at me. I was genuinely touch with her kindness and I’m super happy with this pre school. 

Carol the manager and the rest of the staff in that pre school are all lovely, helpful and caring. I was lucky to find such a nursery for my son. I can see that it’s really their passion to look after kids and to make them such a happy bunch of children. They are working so hard to make sure that children’s needs are met.

 Most of all, it’s like being a family because they are very friendly, warm and approachable. Kindness really does make me happy and inspire me. Let’s spread kindness everyone 🙂 happy Tuesday! 

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